Answers to some of our most popular questions! If you have any queries that are not answered here, scroll down and tap Contact Us.

Do you ship QuoteMarks internationally?

Yes! We ship to anywhere that can receive mail!

United Kingdom & Northern Island

Delivery is done with 1st Class Royal Mail stamps so should be next day delivery

Rest of the World

Delivery is done with International Royal Mail Stamps. On average they say it should deliver within 3-4 days Europe and 6-7 days Elsewhere.

Picking International Tracked means you will get a tracking code send to you upon shipment.

I have an author whose bookmarks you haven’t designed, how do I request?

Yes! We love to hear what you want to see next! We may not always be able to execute the QM immediately but we take note.

There are various ways you can share what you want to see next:

  1. Sign up to our mailing list
  2. Comment on our Instagram or Facebook posts!

And of course use the Contact Form on the Contact Us page!

Why do some of the quotemarks not have quotes?

Quotes are directly from authors novels and a result those words are protected by Copyright Law. If the author doesn’t give explicit permission for the words to be used on commercial products, we can’t move forward to use their words as it would be breaking the law.

For that reason, we are understanding to stay in our lane and will release a unique design without a quote. You will still have the character names (as names legally cannot be copyrighted) and the bookmark matching the book cover (as this unique design is made originally by us) so you can still have fun with your QM!

My package is damaged, how do I contact support?

Please understand that the colour of the bookmark may not look exactly like the images, as during printing the colour can print differently at times. For that reason refunds will not be provided for these circumstances.

If your package is damaged due to how it was posted, contact us with details using the Contact Form . We may request images so we can dispute with the mail provider. And in return we may offer a refund or to send you a fresh delivery, up to your discretion.

What about custom tax?

Custom Tax is different for each country and it is responsibility of the customer to know their countries rules and be aware that any International Mail may have an Import or Custom charge.

At Crafted By AF we will ensure the Custom Documents are filled accurately and correctly before posting your order.

It will always be the customers responsibility to pay the Custom or Import charge to receive their order,

If you do not want to pay the custom charge, we can offer 50% Refund (this is the max as we no longer have our product and postage has been paid). If we have our parcel returned a further 25% refund will be provided to the customer.

A full refund will never be provided in this circumstance as we may not receive our items back, if it does return the item may be damaged and not re-sellable. So please understand the most we can provide is 75% in this circumstance.

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